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Beginner Program

This program takes a student through all the foundational material required by World Ki Gong: Arm Swinging, Shaking, Longevity Exercises, Basic Movements, The Dish Circulation Exercise, Seated and Standing Meditation and theory.

This one hour a month, 12 month program starts twice a year. Classes are recorded and available to participants after.

Satisfactory completion of this course earns a certificate of completion. With a total of 30 units of certified practice a student qualifies to advance to Level 2 World Ki Gong membership.

Tuition includes access to the Beginners members area with instructional videos covering all the material.


Fridays, 6:30pm - 7:30pm (CT)

TBA April 2022

TBA May 2022

TBA June 2022

TBA July 2022 - new program starts

TBA August 2022

TBA September 2022

TBA October 2022

TBA November 2022

TBA December 2022

Program begins January 2022

To apply to participate in this program email
your intention to:

12 months tuition $128
Tuition due January 1st 2021
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