Region 2 Classes

Held in conjunction with Starworld Academy of Martial Arts & Level 5 Ki Gong Instructor Lupe Thomas, this class meets once a month both in person in Sierra Vista, AZ and online.

Our first year will focus on the foundational curriculum and successful completion of the course and requirements will take a student from Level 1 to Level 2.


Supplemental material is also included to give insights into what else is available.

All classes can be attended in person or online. Classes are recorded and available to participants after.

Register for one class, or for the full year and receive access to the archive of Region 2 classes and a $30 discount on any Region 2 Ki Gong day Seminar.

These classes are open to all members of World Ki Gong.



Saturdays 14:00-16:30pm Arizona time


July 10th

August 14th

September 18th

October 16th

November 13th

December 11th


January 8th

February 12th

March 12th

April 9th

May 14th

June 4th

Contact Lupe Thomas for more information

single class tuition online or in person $30

12 months tuition online or in person $330

Save up to $60!