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Student program

The student program teaches the supplemental material of the World Ki Gong curriculum except for Tae Kuk which is available as a separate class. Each 6 month session covers one or more sets of exercises, theory and philosophy in a 60-90 minute class, working its way through the entire curriculum.

Sessions include:

     Twelve Point Tapping Ki Gong                                      Fragance Ki Gong

     Five Animal Ki Gong                                                       Dragon Gate Form

     Grand Martial Tradition                                                Rejuvenation Exercises

     Eight Pieces of Brocade                                                  Silk Reeling 

     The Six Healing Sounds                                                 Five Phase Meditation

     Muscle Tendon Changing Classic                                 Bone Marrow Washing

     Small Universe Circulation                                           Medicinal Hands Ki Gong

     Tae Kuk Ki Gong                                                              Walking Tae Kuk Ki Gong

Students must be either Level 2 WKG members, or enrolled in the Beginner classes to participate.

The program begins twice a year, and successful participation of a session earns a certificate of completion.

Tuition includes access to the Student members area with instructional videos, plus our quarterly forum. The forum is an opportunity for everyone to get together online to get your questions answered and discuss your progress. Classes are recorded and available to participants after.


Fridays, 8:00pm - 9:30pm (CT)

TBA April 2022

TBA May 2022

TBA June 2022

TBA July 2022 - new program starts

TBA August 2022

TBA September 2022

TBA October 2022

TBA November 2022

TBA December 2022

Program begins January 2022

To apply to participate in this program email
your intention to:

6 months tuition $108
Tuition due January 1st 2021
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