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Fundamental Program

The Fundamental Program takes a student through all the foundational material required by World
Ki Gong, creating a strong base on which to build other practices.


The Fundamental curriculum includes:

  • Shaking

  • Arm Swinging

  • Longevity (Rejuvenation) Exercises

  • Ki Cho Ki Gong (Basic Movements)

  • The Dish Circulation Exercise

  • Seated Meditation

  • Standing Meditation

  • Basic Theory

Taught online by Ki Gong Masters John Robertson and Ramona Wickstrom, the course can be accessed worldwide and there are no restrictions on participation. Everyone is welcome, and no experience is needed.

This once a month programme can be started at anytime; and satisfactory completion of a 12 month cycle of classes earns a certificate of completion. With a total of 30 units of certified practice and the ability to perform all parts of the curriculum a student qualifies to advance to Level 2 World Ki Gong membership.

An annual investment also includes access to recordings of the classes, plus the fundamentals members area with instructional videos covering all the fundamental material.

Any questions about participation in this program email:

Studio licenses are now available for studio owners and instructors. Purchase a license to host these classes in your studio with your students. Email: to purchase.


Fridays, 6:30pm - 9:00pm (Central Time)

15th December 2023


19th January 2024

16th February 2024

15th March 2024

19th April 2024

 17th May 2024

 21st June 2024

19th July 2024

16th  August 2024

20th September 2024

 18th October 2024

15th November 2024

20th December 2024

17th January 2025

Individual student investment

via check, cash Venmo or Zelle to 630-229-4434

Single class investment: $30

Annual investment: $330
Save $30 vs individual classes

Individual student investment

via Paypal

Annual investment: $350
Save $70 vs individual classes

via Paypal below

Single class investment: $35

via Paypal below

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Studio investment

email for more details

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