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Tae Kuk Kwon program

The Tae Kuk Kwon program teaches the the Yang style 24 posture simplified T'ai Chi Ch'uan form (Tae Kuk Kwon) in ten 60-90 minute classes over a 10 month period beginning every February.

Tuition includes full access to the Tae Kuk members area with dual screen instructional videos, plus our quarterly forum. The forum is an opportunity for everyone to get together online to get your questions answered and discuss your progress.


Fridays, 7:00pm - 8:00pm (CT)


TBC February 2022

TBC March 2022

TBC April 2022

TBC May 2022

TBC June 2022

TBC July 2022

TBC August 2022

TBC September 2022

TBC October 2022

TBC November 2022

10 months tuition $199

Program begins January 2022

To apply to participate in this program email
your intention to:

Tuition due February 1st 2022
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