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Mentor program

The Mentor program is designed for those students that wish to progress through the levels of membership of World Ki Gong and to teach their own classes.

Enrollment in the Mentor program includes access to all the classes that are currently running:

  • Fundamentals classes

  • Supplemental classes

  • Tae Kuk Kwon classes

  • Daily Ki Gong classes

  • One 60 minute individual mentoring consultation each month.

It also includes access to recordings of all fundamental, supplemental and Tae Kuk Kwon classes.

Plus unlimited access to the members area with instructional videos covering all World Ki Gong
material, plus material not in the curriculum and all of our theory and philosophy classes.

  • Fundamentals class recordings

  • Supplemental class recordings

  • Tae Kuk Kwon class recordings

  • Daily Ki Gong class recordings

  • Fundamentals instructional videos

  • Supplemental instructional videos

  • Tae Kuk Kwon instructional videos

  • Ki Gong Theory instructional videos

  • Non-World Ki Gong instructional videos

  • Archive of Regional class videos

  • Archive of World Ki Gong clinic videos


This is an ongoing program and may be started at any time.

Participation in the Mentor program does not affect your relationship with your chosen World Ki Gong mentor, you may have a different mentor.

If you have any questions about participation in this program email:

Annual investment: $1,200

via check, cash Venmo or Zelle to 630-229-4434

Annual investment: $1,250

via Paypal

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