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Understanding How You Are a Student, & Understanding Your Students
~ F
riday, 12th January 2024

Starworld Academy of Tang Soo Do, 2099 E Fry Blvd, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635,

plus worldwide online via Zoom

00:30 European (Saturday)                    23:30 United Kingdom

19:30 Eastern US                                      18:30 Central US


17:30 Mountain US                                   16:30 Pacific US


Many people know the story of the scholar and the teacher and the need to empty your cup;
but did you know that is only one out of five analogies? Only One out of Five Cups.


The Five Defects of the Cup explain the struggles students go through when learning. When

we can identify our struggles we can understand and learn from them, and enhance and

correct our behaviour on our own journey to becoming an effective student. Each cup is

further explained with the struggles that cause the defect.


This class explains the Five Cups and other struggles we have when learning. It also explains what is needed to be a good student.

Anyone who learns and anyone who teaches should attend this class, it will give you huge insights into the learning process from both the standpoint of being a student and being a teacher!

Learn what makes you a good student, including:

  • The Tortoise & The Hare

  • The Qualities of being a student

  • Four Horses

  • Becoming Mu (Wu)

  • Ryun Ma

Learn the struggles that you have as a student, including:

  • Five Defects of the Cup

  • Five Wrong Ways of Remembering

  • Five Poisons

  • Six Stains

  • Having an empty cup

And more! This class will take your teaching to a new level.


It will help you understand your incentives, motivations and struggles. When we understand those we can understand, use and overcome them.

Note: This class is the first of the 2024 Supplemental class. If you are registering for the Supplemental class do not register for this class!

Look out for parts 2 & 3 coming soon:

  • Understanding How You Are a Teacher, & Understanding Your Teachers!

  • When Teaching & Learning!

Individual student investment

via Paypal


Single class investment: $35

Individual student investment

via check, cash Venmo or Zelle to


Single class investment: $30

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Are you a studio owner? contact us to purchase a studio license for you,
your instructors, instructor trainees and students to attend this class?

This is an important opportunity for Certified Instructor Training (CIT),

Certified Martial Arts Teacher (CMAT) programs plus in-house programs.

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