Region 3 Classes

Held in conjunction with Resurgence Martial Arts & Ki Gong Instructor Ramona Wickstrom this class meets once a month online via Zoom. In person classes will be held when appropriate.

Classes are recorded and available to participants after.

These classes are open to all members of World Ki Gong.


Friday's 6:30-9:00pm CT

February 5th on Zoom

February 26th on Zoom

March 19th on Zoom

April 23rd on Zoom

May 21st at Resurgence Martial Arts

and on Zoom (Iron Range clinic weekend)

June 25th on Zoom

July 16th on Zoom

August 27th on Zoom

September 24th on Zoom

October 29th on Zoom

November 26th on Zoom

December 17th on Zoom

Contact Ramona Wickstrom

for more information

single class tuition online or in person $30

12 months tuition online or in person $330

Save up to $60!